Use your BeeBot and Our Mats to bring the joy of coding, and critical thinking to your students.

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The Mitten Re-Tell Mat is Here!

Use Your BeeBot and our Mitten Re-tell mat to enhance this favorite winter story! Use this BeeBot Mat to teach your students to re-tell the events of the winter read a loud "The Mitten". Use a BeeBot to identify characters from the story and enhance vocabulary. Combine literacy and coding to create a lesson they will love.

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Kids who CODE use complex, critical thinking.

A BeeBot is a small programmable robot that will engage your young learners in a way that will amaze you. I have learned is that robots and coding are magical. Allowing kids to use their hands and their minds at the same time is both a pleasure and an honor to watch.  

When students code they need to think about how what they do next will impact the step after that and the step after that. This kind of complex thinking of holding one idea in their head while simultaneously thinking about the next step doesn’t happen all the time. The skills they use with the BeeBot will have major impact on reading, writing  and math skills.

Yes, you can CODE with young learners!

We will show you how. Watch our video tutorials below to see how easy and fun it is to bring computer science to your youngest learners. Let them see themselves through a different lens.

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  • Introducing the BeeBot

    Watch how we introduce the BeeBot for the first time. Set your students up for success with a clear understanding of the buttons and programming cards. Let's write our first algorithm!

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  • Using Programming Cards

    Watch how we use programming cards to build algorithms. Now is the time to teach debugging and the power of learning from our "mistakes"

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  • Using Algorithm Cards

    This video shows how we use algorithm cards to teach button movements and create critical thinkers. Using the cards allows you do check for understanding.

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  • Managing a whole group lesson

    Using BeeBot mats in a whole group is a great way to teach your students how to build algorithms and program their BeeBot. I have a few tips that will make your BeeBot lesson go smoothly.

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