Meet Della

My name is Della Larsen I have over 35 years experience teaching kindergarten in a public school. I have decades of experience with young learners and I'm passionate about bring coding and robotics to every child. Once you introduce a BeeBot into your class chances are no one has any experience - that means we all start from the same spot. No one, regardless of background or life experience has a head start. No one is at a disadvantage - we all start from the same place. Often for the first time, every child has a level playing field. That's reason enough to use BeeBots and BeeBot Mats. I want every child to see themselves through a different lens. I want them to see themselves as computer scientists. I want you to feel the joy of watching a child program a complex algorithm and stand just a little taller as a result of their achievement. 

Let's get started,


 Della Larsen